Marx and "The Knight of Noble Consciousness", August Willich, Easton, Loyd D., Economies et Societes; 28(6-7), June-July 1994, pages 169-80.

In 1854 Marx published in New York a pamphlet entitled "The Knight of Noble Consciousness" (Der Ritter vom edelmuthigen Bewusstsein). It was a vivid and angry reply to an article by August Willich (1810-1878) challenging what Marx had written about him and "The Willich-Schapper Party" of the Communist League in Revelations on the Cologne Communist Trial. Marx's pamphlet and the events leading into it are worth close examination for at least two reasons. First, they provide biographical details about Marx, Engels, and Willich showing how much effort they were willing to devote to emigre squabbling, even to the point of trickery and misrepresentation that would justify Mehring's judgement six decades later that "sins were committed on both sides". Second, Marx's pamphlet and the events leading into it crystallize and define his opposition to the revolutionary tactics of putschism and dictatorship inspired by Auguste Blanqui and elaborated by August Willich.

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