States versus markets in the world-system, Evans, Peter; Economy of the World System Annuals series vol. 8. Beverly Hills; London and New Delhi: Sage, 1985, pages 295.

Product of the Eighth Annual Conference on the political economy of the world system held at Brown University in April 1984. Includes nine essays and an introduction by the editors. Part 1 focuses on commodity markets and developing capitalist states, and discusses bauxite and democratic socialism in Jamaica; nonferrous metals and class formation in Peru; and cotton and revolution in Nicaragua. Part 2 examines international markets and the geopolitics of empire, and reviews Britains' hegemony in the nineteenth- century world economy; empire on the Niger and the Nile; and Indian state strategies, 1947-62. Part 3 looks at the role of markets in state socialist societies and discusses state and market dynamics in Cuba; new forms of workplace bargaining in Hungary; and states, markets, and sectoral inequality in China. Evans and Rueschemeyer are Professors of Sociology at Brown University. Stephens teaches in the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. No index.

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