Premises and process of maldevelopment, Vivekananda, Franklin, ed., Stockholm: Bethany Books, 1988, pages viii, 195.

Eleven papers contain the conceptual premises and processes of maldevelopment from both the Marxist and non-Marxist viewpoints and from both the neoliberal and neo-Marxist perspectives. Papers focus on development alternatives and social alternatives; certain theoretical premises as alternatives to the moderization theory; a Marxist approach to maldevelopment; Johan Galtung and Immanuel Wallerstein on structural theory of imperialism; the controversies of development and conceptual evaluation of maldevelopment; political maldevelopment and the genesis of the current political and social unrest in India; aid to Bangladesh; the Norway-aided Kerala Fishery Project as an example of maldevelopment; alternative development strategies in Argentina, the Ivory Coast, and South Korea; structural theory of overdevelopment and underdevelopment; and maldevelopment and sub-Saharan African elites. Vivekananda is with the Institute for Alternative Development Research, Oslo, and at the University of Idaho. No index.

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