The stages of economic growth: A non-communist manifesto, Rostow, Walt Whitman, Third edition, Cambridge; New York and Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1990, pages xlviii, 272.

Presents a historical approach to economic development stressing that societies evolve in stages. Although the text remains unchanged, the third edition includes a new preface and appendix to extend the analysis to the most recent economic and political developments. Distinguishes and examines five basic sequential stages of economic growth in societies: the traditional society, the preconditions for take-off, the take-off, the drive to maturity, and the age of high mass consumption. Discusses the comparative patterns of the growth of Russia and the United States over the past century; the relative stages of growth and aggression; the nature of the problem of peace; and the relationship between the stages of growth and the Marxist system. Rostow is at the University of Texas, Austin. Index.

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