Marxism and the Chinese experience: Issues in contemporary Chinese socialism, Dirlik, Arif; Meisner, Maurice, eds., The Political Economy of Socialism series. An East Gate Book. Armonk, N.Y. and London: Sharpe, 1989, pages xii, 383.

Eighteen papers, most presented at a symposium held at Duke University in the fall of 1986, explore issues in contemporary Chinese socialism. Papers focus on politics, scholarship, and Chinese socialism; revolutionary hegemony and the language of revolution; Mao Zedong and the political economy of Chinese development; the organization of production under socialism; Marx, Mao, and Deng on the division of labor in history; Mao, science, technology, and humanity; socialism and economic development; restructuring the working class; theorizing the democratization of China's Leninist state; structural change and the political articulation of social interest in revolutionary and socialist China; prosperity and counterprosperity--the moral discourse on wealth in post-Mao China; hegemony and productivity; reflections on women in China; feminist humanism--socialism and neofeminism in the writings of Zhang Jie; China's intellectuals in a global context; the search for cultural expression; the deradicalization of Chinese socialism; and postsocialism. Contributors include economists. Dirlik is at Duke University. Meisner is at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. No index.

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