China's economic reforms: The costs and benefits of incrementalism, Fan, Qimiao; Nolan, Peter, eds., Studies on the Chinese Economy. New York: St. Martin's Press; London: Macmillan Press, 1994, pages xiv, 347.

Ten papers examine issues in all the major spheres of Chinese economic life, providing insight into the Chinese reform process. Adrian Wood presents a brief description of China's economic system. Guobo Huang focuses on problems of monetary control in China. Icksoo Kim explores the political economy of investment control in post-1978 China. Minquan Liu discusses commune, the responsibility system, and China's agriculture. Qimiao Fan addresses state-owned enterprise reform in China. Lizuo Jin assesses the effects of financial decentralization on industrial growth in China, 1952-88. Dong He examines lessons from the West for stock market development in China. Stephen Pudney and Wang Limin explore rationing and consumer demand in China. Stephen Howes and Peter Lanjouw focus on regional variations in living standards in urban China. Peter Nolan and John Sender discuss death rates, life expectancy, and China's economic reforms. Fan is with the World Bank. Nolan is at the University of Cambridge. Index.

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