University Paris-West Nanterre La Défense

September 22-25, 2010

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Thursday, September 23 will be a day of strikes and demonstrations in France


An initiative of Actuel Marx


How should the twofold crisis, economic and ecological, that is shaking the world today be interpreted?  Is it a new link in the long chain of successive breaks that have occurred throughout the history of modern capitalism? Is it the beginning of a new era? Could revolts be part of the conjuncture that Marxism had assigned to the revolution? How can utopia, considered positively in regards to its social, political, cultural and subversive creativity, become a reality?  


The congress is organized into sections corresponding to the main disciplines of the social sciences: Philosophy, Economics, Law, History, Sociology, Culture, Languages, Political Science and Anthropology, as well as thematic sections: Feminism, Ecology, Socialisms and Marxisms.

Interdisciplinary plenary sessions treat themes that transcend these categories.

The main theoretical journals will co-organize and develop their own projects.

About a thousand researchers are expected to participate in approximately a hundred workshops.


Presidents of the Congress: Jacques Bidet   Gérard Duménil  Stéphane Haber

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Basic fees: 15 €
You can help support the financing of the congress (in particular to finance invitations from the South) by contributing 30 € or more.
If you only attend one day, fees are 5 €.
There is no fees for students or persons with low incomes.

Foreigners are invited to pay in euros, directly before the opening session on October, Wednesday 3, in the Sorbonne.

You will receive the brochure of the congress, with the full program and introduction to the plenary sessions and the workshops.

Please register on line by going to INSCRIPTIONS, using the link (remplir en ligne):

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Do you want to make a presentation. If you answer positively, in which section(s)?: ..............

If you want to make a communication, you need to contact the person in charge of the organisation of the section (présenter une communication au Congrès,)