Alterglobalism // Anticapitalism

For an alternative cosmopolitics

Université de Paris-X Nanterre

Wednesday 3 october--Saturday 6 October 2007

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Call for Papers:  

Today, at the start of the third millennium, capitalism is deploying a renewed dynamic of servitude and violence. Neoliberalism is bringing about a situation in which the workers of the world are in competition with one another. The fabric of social rights, which decades of struggle by labour and democratic movements had woven, is being unravelled. The effects of neoliberalism on women’s movements and on movements within the Third World are proving  equally destructive. It is erasing national identities and autonomies, while cultural diversity is giving way to a range of commodified simulacra. It is driving us towards ecological cataclysm. 

 However, out of the global dynamic of manifold resistance, there is now evidence that a unifying force is now emerging.

The alterglobalist movement has acted as catalyst to a global nexus of solidarities, though which  internationalism has taken on a renewed aspect.  It has brought to the forefront a universal call: that  another world is possible. In various fields, and from a variety of vantage points, work is in progress whose goal is the definition of the political, economic, cultural and social conditions of such an alternative. Such an inquiry cannot evade the most formidable questions which are involved here: whether such a transformation of the world is possible within capitalism; the way in which we are to figure the outlines of an alternative, non-capitalist world.

The ambition of this Fifth Marx Conference is to bring such issues into debate. The aim is to think through, from the bottom upwards, the question of the contours of an alternative cosmopolitics.

 Our call for papers is addressed to researchers working in all fields, and to all research groups, whether or not they are within the academy, which subscribe to the perspective of “another world”.

Organisation of the encounter

The Conference will be organised around a wide range of

    Scientific areas’ –

Philosophy, Economics, Law, History, Sociology, Culture, Language, Political Sciences, Anthropology, Psychology –

    Thematic workshops'  will also be organised, dealing with the following questions:

 Feminist studies, Ecology, Socialisms, Marxisms.

    Interdisciplinary plenary sessions will gather together every evening all the participants around transversal themes.

Within this overall framework, the various research journals and reviews which are cooperating in the organisation of the conference are at liberty to develop their own specific projects.


Conference Organisers :Jacques Bidet   Gérard Duménil

Contact :

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Basic fees: 15 €
You can help support the financing of the congress (in particular to finance invitations from the South) by contributing 30 € or more.
If you only attend one day, fees are 5 €.
There is no fees for students or persons with low incomes.

Foreigners are invited to pay in euros, directly before the opening session on October, Wednesday 3, in the Sorbonne.

You will receive the brochure of the congress, with the full program and introduction to the plenary sessions and the workshops.

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